Address: Kingston Farm
Shaw Park Road
Eastern Cape
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This is an online farm stall for the Ndlambe region. We want to bring together local small scale fruit and vegetable growers and provide an online sales and delivery platform that is fair and equitable to all partners. We want to use the convenience of  modern technology and sustainable practices to bring good local produce to local consumers, efficiently and safely.

There is also an educational element to the operation. Growers and customers can also learn about: planting systems – water conservation – soil nutrition and permaculture. Basic market economics and notions of supply and demand can also be taught along with the nurturing of a spirit of socially responsible entrepreneurship. Further to this, at a time of crisis, the project could help foster ties between communities and individuals as well as allowing for delivery workers to check in on the well-being of vulnerable people.

Phone: 0832624813
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HomeGrown Nursery
Address: 426 Chapman Road, Bathurst
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Situated in the heart of Bathurst (Eastern Cape, South Africa), Homegrown Nursery offers:
succulents, herbs, pot plants, shrubs, etc., indigenous and exotic, as well as our home-made organic fertiliser, bug spray and potting soil.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you only established plants at reasonable prices. Come pay us a visit to view our wide selection of plants, we are open seven days a week for your convenience.

Phone: 0824129237
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Address: 85 York Road, Bathurst
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Tekserve has a special interest in supporting IT systems at schools and due to our experience and connections in this field, we can offer expert service and advice.

We supply, install and support a wide range of hardware and software for home and office, including Microsoft Sharepoint and Windows 365.

We’ll set up virus protection software and customised firewalls to prevent infections. We provide backup systems and disaster recovery if the worst happens!

Devices giving problems? We offer remote and on-site IT support, troubleshooting, repairs, servicing and cleaning for all devices.

Too busy to lose computer time? Try our unique Overnight Service – we will collect your PC in the afternoon and return it the next morning.

We offer our clients the whole spectrum of online presence, with website design, development and hosting services.

Phone: 0720818380
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Electrical Contractor
Address: Bathurst
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Electrical installations and repairs. Lights, plugs, geysers, stoves, pumps, lawnmowers.

Phone: 0826689099
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