Bathurst Agricultural Show

Bathurst Agricultural Show

The first Bathurst Agricultural Show was held in 1850, and they held its centenary year in 2008. The Bathurst Agricultural Show is organized and managed by the Bathurst Agricultural Society, a Committee committed to the traditions of past & present agricultural successes.


The Bathurst Agricultural Society ( BAS ), a non-profit organisation, is dedicated to supporting agriculture and affiliated industry by providing a platform for exhibitors and entrepreneurs alike. The Show therefore provides an ideal environment wherein business partnerships are formed; trading opportunities furthered, and the cross-section of idea sharing takes place.  About BAS

Bathurst Agricultural Show

The Bathurst Agricultural Show is the largest and one of the oldest in the Eastern Cape. – Where Town and Country Meet – is the Show’s motto and it hosts an average of 180 Standholders from near and far.

Standholders bring the showgrounds to life by marketing their extensive range of products from heavy duty farming equipment to home-made arts and crafts which often results in business partnerships being formed, trading opportunities furthered and the cross-section of ideas taking place.

Maintaining the agricultural side of the show, quality livestock large and small, comprising of a vast selection of cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry compete for prizes and our magnificent trophies.

Furthermore the popular and prestigious auction allows buyers to become owners of the stud and commercial cattle. Joining in on the competitions, pineapple farmers challenged one another to discover who can produce the best while national standard equestrian events drew over 100 horses and their accomplished riders which occupied the main arena for an extra day.


What to see and do

In addition to the vast array of delicious meals and tempting tasty treats supplied by numerous food kiosks, enjoyable highlights which also attract the approximately 10 000+ visitors to the Bathurst Agricultural Show include the vintage tractor and classic car parade, sheep shearing, school bands and the Scottish Bag-piper.

Amazing talents and skills are displayed in a Home Industries hall with categories widely ranging from adult and junior art, photography, quilting, needlework, floral decorating, farm produce, leather-work to woodwork just to name a few. The diverse exhibits are judged according to the highest standards applicable and prizes are awarded in the form of trophies and items generously donated by local businesses and the public.

The Bathurst Agricultural Society is a non-profit organisation which was formed in 1848 on the 12th of April (firstly known as the Lower Albany Agricultural Society until the 25th August 1903) and is dedicated to supporting future agriculture and affiliated industry emphasizing the importance of the Agricultural Sector to the general public at large while upholding and honouring past agricultural successes and traditions.

How to get hold of BAS

The time has come to start preparing for 2023. There is now a newly elected committee for the Bathurst Show which promises to bring fresh ideas and many changes for our show.

To all vendors and stallholders who would like to participate, please get in touch soonest with Douglas on 076 520 7410 or email Avoid last minute disappointment and get your stand booked now.

There will also be a dedicated cannabis hall at the show, any vendors who would be interested in displaying their products or services, please contact Chris Jay on 0727536488 or email




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